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I am using FOTA Web API everything else is working seamlessly, but ai need to create a task to fetch internal Logs of the device, I can only download them using files - endpoint.

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thank you for reaching out. In order to retrieve internal device logs via FOTA Web API, first an API call to create a task of receiving internal logs must be made. Then, after the task is completed, the logs can be downloaded utilising FOTA Web API again.

In order to see the format of these API calls so You could implement it into Your solution, browser developer tools can be used, which will help You find the task type value that is needed for any given task. Here is an example of using developer tools to see how the receive internal logs task API call looks like:


  • In the case of creating a "receive internal log" task, the task type is:RxLog
  • after the receive internal logs task is completed by the Device and the logs are uploaded, in the task info field find: file_id
  • file_id will be used to download the specific log file via API

    Best regards, Martynas