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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

Hello, I got an issue that I was in ferry and while ferry was sailing my vehicle was displayed as stationary in the starting point. After ferry arrived and ignition was turned on - location on the map was updated. 

Currently my movement Source settings are based on Ignition Settings: DIN 1. 
Also, my Static Navigation = Enable , Static Navigation Source: Ignition Source. 

In some of the manuals for other devices I see that user can select Static Navigation Source not only based on: Movement and Ignition Source, but Movement or Ignition Source. 

I'm using FMB122 device and I have only option to select movement and Ignition for exit static navigation. Can you please suggest how should I configure the device on order to get coordinate update when car is stationary with ignition off , but the vehicle is moving on the platform (like ferry). 

Thank you ! 

2 Answers

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by anonymous


in order for Your FMB122 to exit static navigation filter based on your needs, the following configuration should be made:

  • Static navigation: Enabled
  • Static navigation source: Movement
  • Movement source: Ignition, Accelerometer

With this configuration, Your device will exit static navigation with either Ignition (DIN1) being active OR Movement being detected by accelerometer

Best regards, Martynas


by anonymous
Thank you for your answer Martynas.

Could you explain why do you recommend movement source Ignition + Accelerometer instead Ignition + GNSS...

Any more positive advantages on your recommended setting ? Compared to Ignition + GNSS.

Will accelerometer will be enough sensitive to react to the changing position as movement when ferry sails.?
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by anonymous
Hello again,

Both options are fine, but I believe accelerometer should be more sensitive.
GNSS option requires the vehicle speed of 5km/h+ to be calculated based on GNSS data to register movement.
Whereas accelerometer setting waits for any event of accelerometer (can be movement or change of angle).

However, you are welcome to try both options and see which gives you the better results