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Is there any SMS/GPRS command to send latest records (AVL Packet) to server instantly?
FMB003, FMB130, FMB640

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Hello, good day.

Thank you for the question.

About FMB003, FMB130, FMB640 device models, you can use "getrecord" SMS command, which main function is initiating saving and sending of high priority record.

Also, you can consider using on_"demand_trackingX" SMS command, in which X=2 means to generates one high priority record and inititates data sending to server, according to the "On demand tracking feature". More information on it, you can find here: 

Please have in mind the SMS structure, example: send SMS command cpureset

How to send it: 

If you have set SMS login and password: "<login> <password> cpureset"

If SMS login and password are not set leave two spaces before command: "<space><space>cpureset"

All SMS commands you can find on our Teltonika Wiki page:

We hope this information is useful.

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Thanks for your kind answer.
But is there any command to get low priority records instantly?
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