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I am using model FMC130, and setup the green driving alerts.

I am getting event 251 (idling) after the time stopped (I set for 1800 seconds, 30 minutes), sometimes after 2-3 minutes I get the 521 event again, I should get it only after start moving, and then idle again for 30 minutes.

see below the settings



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Thank you for the question.

The reason you are getting an additional record is because under Scenario settings you have selected High Priority.

High priority – module makes additional record with high priority flag and sends event packet immediately to the server by GPRS.

Scenario settings

Disable - disable scenario.

Low Priority - when low priority event is triggered, device makes additional record with indication of event cause.

High Priority - module makes additional record with High priority flag and sends event packet immediately to the server by


Panic Priority - triggers same actions as High priority, but if GPRS fails, it sends AVL packet using SMS mode if SMS is enabled in SMS Data Sending settings.

Here is the wiki link : FMC130 Accelerometer Features settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Best Regards