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With other GPS of other companies I can send a SMS to the equipmet and it answers via GPRS, something like activating an output, but with not fisical/electrical action/connection, only a simple request like a "poll" to kwnow where the is the device.
by anonymous

Hi, sandoval.

I belileve that the getrecord command can satisfy you needs.

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Yes, you can do it with our RUT955 also, simple send SMS to router with command: gps and you will receive your routers coordinates, more info how to send SMS commands can be found on our Wiki page:

Sorry I forgot a very important thing, I am using this two models: FM3612 and FM6320. Could I use the "gps" command that you say to receive the information via GPRS in my server?

No. In base FW's for FM/FMB devices the answer to sms command is sent via sms (receiver sms number == response sms number, and answer to GPRS command is sent via GPRS (on the same socket connection).

What you want would be new functionality. I.e. we would need to set a rule set:

1. under what conditions to send answer to X (gprs, sms). I.e. on any receveid command via sms -> send answer via gprs?

Or only on specific commands. Or only on commands received from say sms numbers configured @ device.

2. Where to answer if input command is received via sms:

2.1 answer via gprs via usual records server? or to some other server.

2.2 if command received via gprs - to what sms number to send response? to #1 configured @ device or some other?

This would be new functionality. But basically what i'm saying it can be done.

But base FW's dont have what you want.