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I am configuring an FMA120 device on the Wialon platform and I would like to know how to configure the parameters to obtain data from the SOS button

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Thank you for reaching out to us

You can change the priority of the FMA120 digital inputs to a different from "None" and then add a Sensor on Wialon related to the AVL ID of the digital input selected. 

The AVL IDs of the FMA120 inputs are:

  • ID 01 = Digital Input 01 (Show as io_1 on Wialon)
  • ID 02 = Digital Input 02 (Show as io_2 on Wialon)
  • ID 03 = Digital Input 03 (Show as io_3 on Wialon)

Refer to the following link to change the priority via Configurator:  

Digital Input 01 configured as Sensor on Wialon: 

Kind regards.