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We are going to use FMC640 to send RS232 data to the server. How to enable RS232 and transfer the RS232 data in Codec 8 protocol?

Can you please kindly guide us the document for this use case?

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If you are going to use the TCP Link mode via RS232 to transfer the information from an external device to the server, this action can only be performed through Codec12. If you want to add a timestamp to the packet, then the codec used will be Codec13. 

You can read about the FMC640 RS-232 modes and Codecs on the followings links: 

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Thank you very much. How to set the FMC640 to use Codec12 or Codec13? I open the configuration tool, can only find Codec8 and Codec8E.



Codec 12 does not need activation, it sets automatically when you select the TCP Link mode. Same way for Codec 13, it sets automatically when you enable the Message Timestamp on RS232 Settings.

You can identify which codec the tracker sends to the server by the Codec ID:

  • Codec8: 0x08
  • Codec 8 Extended: 0x8E
  • Codec 12: 0x0C
  • Codec 13: 0x0D

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Thanks. In our case, we will use UDP to send RS232 data to server. It seems the protocol codec12 and 13 only describe for TCP.

Is there a description of codec12 and codec 13 protocol for UDP?


The structure of the sent commands is the same. There is no difference in what protocol is used to open a session/send records, TCP or UDP. The structure of commands sent over UDP is the same as the structure of commands sent over TCP.

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The structures of AVL record (codec8) for TCP and UDP have many differences... I thought codec12 should should be different for UDP and TCP too.

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