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If you have enabled the immobilizer to your device it actually depends on the type of your device

devices have different number of douts it maybe DOUT 1, 2,3

The logic here is which DOUT are you going to use for the immobilizer.

The command is setdigout.

For example you have 1 DOUT you can send setdigout 1 to enable the DOUT 1 for the immobizer

If the device have 2 DOUTS and you choose DOUT2 for immobilizer you need to send setdigout 01 to enable the DOUT 2 

or if you used DOUT 1 and you have 2 DOUTS you need to send setdigout 10 to the device to enable the DOUT 1 for infinite time.

Here is more information for  setdigout command

FMB setdigout - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

How to send the command?

Please send SMS command setdigout 1

How to send it:

  • If you have set SMS login and password: "<login> <password> setdigout 1"
  • If SMS login and password are not set leave two spaces before command: "<space><space>setdigout 1"

All SMS commands you can find on our Teltonika Wiki page:

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