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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
I plan to install FMB965 to my motorcycle, but I am a bit confused about its operation.

What event (Key fob, enging start,...) can disconect geofence?

Can FMB965 detect motorbike engine start:

a.) with vibration

b) voltage change on bikes battery

c) bike vibrating during engine idling

d) I have to connect a wire to ignition?

For example:

Bike is parked overnight and geofence is active.

If I just sit on the bike and drive away, alarm will be trigered and SMS sent.

Can I somehow (with key fob for example) disconect geofence alarm?



1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello there,

Thank you for your query.

Once activated, a geofence can be deactivated only from the configurator or via SMS. The FMB965 has the Auto-geofence feature as well which seems to fit better for your case. Auto-geofence is based on the last known position after the movement has stopped. You can be notified using this function if your car is taken away. This function can be deactivated by:

  • Digital Input 1 – If DIN1 voltage becomes equal or higher than 7.5 V.
  • Power Voltage – If power voltage becomes higher than low voltage level (defined in Ignition settings).
  • Engine RPM – If engine RPM value becomes higher than 0 (if an OBDII dongle is connected to the FMB965)

For the example that you mention, if you sit on the motorcycle and take it out from the defined autogeofence without starting the engine, it will send an SMS to the predefined number. But, if the tracker detects the ignition, the autogeofence will be deactivated automatically. 

For more information, please refer to:

Regarding engine start, this can be detected by: 

  1. Digital Input 1 - if it is connected to the engine ignition wire. 
  2. Power Voltage - if the voltage on the battery change between engine state on or off.  
  3. Engine RPM - if RPM from OBD II or CAN is higher than 0 - ignition is ON; if RPM from OBD II or CAN is equal to 0 - ignition is OFF (if an OBDII dongle is connected to the FMB965)
  4. Accelerometer - if movement sensor detects movement - ignition is ON; if movement is not detected - ignition is OFF (not recommended for your case) 

More than one ignition source can be selected at the same moment. When there are 2 or more sources selected, at least one condition has to be met to change Ignition status.

Hope this will work for you.

Best regards.