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Dear Sir,

Can anyone provide FMB920 configuration setup file for analog input.


Sk Singh
Sir please help.

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Hello, Sk Singh,

If you want to get information about Your analog input You need to change configuration in device configuration I/O parameters which parameter name is Analog input 1 ( Param ID: 50180) to at least low at priority. If you want just to monitor this parameter in data packets or checking it with SMS command then you don't need to change other parameters there. If you want to get SMS messages then you should use at least high priority, set High and low levels choose operand and select Your predefined number in SMS Send To drop down menu. If You want to get it in data packets as an event that it analog input has changed then you should use at least low priority set High and low levels choose operand.

More information about I/O settings can be found in:

We cannot share in this forum configuration setup file.

Best Regards.