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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
I am trying to connect ela blue slim ID card to my fmb 204 and can’t set it up.I activated the ID card with my phone- nfc  as an i beacon ,do I have to set it as an ID CARD ?but either way I can not find it on fmb pc program .can you please help me ,I will use the card so the sms alerts  will be deactivated when I am on my boat .

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please visit Teltonika Wiki FAQ page, ther is simple guide how to start with Beacons:

If you still need support, please let us know

by anonymous
thank you for the quick responce , i followed exactly everything

1. activation of  i beacon with nfc /phone  done .

2.pc settings exaclty the same as the one you provide

but i  can not see the id card or i beacon in the status menu  .
by anonymous

Is your Blue Slim ID card visible when scanning for BLE devices in Bluetooth 4.0 -> Bluetooth BLE Control -> Discover BLE ?
by anonymous
Hello ,I just discover the id slim card and now is visible !!
by anonymous
Hello ,even I see the ID card in the discover BLE menu I can not proceed ,and I want to activate in a way that no sms will be sent (as an alarm for door magnets or geofence) .So I still don’t know what are the next step i need to follow so I will not receive sms when the ID card is near .thank you