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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

In the I/O I can see a sensor Instant movement (ID 303). Is this available for FMB920 and how can this be used?

What is the difference with the I/O Movement (ID 240)?

What is io310 parameter? I cannot find any information about this and it is not visible when I am trying to use it as a parameter in order to create an event.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello Panais79, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

The AVL ID 303 is Instant Movement where it determines movement without delay (Accelerometer determines this value). On the other hand, AVL ID 240 is Movement based on the Movement Source (determined by the Ignition Source, Accelerometer, GNSS, or CAN) and Accelerometer Delay Settings (Start and Stop Delay). This means that AVL ID will always show 1 (value) if there is any movement detected and AVL ID may remain as 0 (value) if the delay settings are set higher.

As for the AVL ID 310, it is used for FMX640 devices. It's used for ME Wipers under Mobileye elements. For more information, please refer here -

Kind regards.

by anonymous
Hello and thanks for the explanation.

But my main problem is that even though this parameter of Instant movement is shown at the I/O of the configurator, and I am seeing the change of its value when move the device, it is not visible at all as a parameter at the platform when trying to create an event based on this. Parameter io240 is shown. Even io310 is show, although I wouldn't expect it, because I am using FMB920.

I am using platform. Is it something that platform help could answer?