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Hi Support Team
We using Teltonika FMB130 devices in our company vehicles - if that vehicle under repair, mechanics requires to start stop the vehicle without ibutton at workshop. So please advise the command to disable and enable I-button features for FMB130 device.

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Thank you for reaching out to us.

Immobilizer feature can be turned of by sending "  setparam" command to device.

More information about command can be found by following this link -

In this case send command setparam 11700:0 which will disable immobilizer feature.

Also, notify mechanics to disconnect automotive relay as well.

After finishing repair, feature can be turned on by sending setparam 11700:1  (1 - low priority; 2 - high priority; 3 - Panic priority)

 Parameters IDs and values can be checked by following this link -

Best regards.