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To change configuration parameter please use setparam SMS command.

Command structure is: setparam 1# 2#

1# - ID value.
2# - New Parameter Value

In FM11 device you can configure only one parameter per SMS, so in this case two SMSes are needed.

Please note that the SMS login and SMS password are used with every SMS sent to FM1100. If login and password are not set, in every SMS sent to FM1100 device two spaces before command have to be used (<space><space><command>).
Command structure with set login and password:
<SMS_login><space><SMS_password><space><command>, example: “asd 123 getgnss”, if SMS login and password is not set: "  getgnss"

Server domain ID is 1245 and port number ID is 1246

To configure targer server domain to send: <SMS_login><space><SMS_password><space>setparam 1245

To configure target server port to 12345 send: <SMS_login><space><SMS_password><space>setparam 1246 12345

To verify parameter value please use getparam command, example to check target server domain:

<SMS_login><space><SMS_password><space>getparam 1245

Please note that changes will take effect when device will open new link with the server, therefore after setting new domain and port please send cpureset command to device to restart modem and establisch new connection with the server.