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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi there,

I'm using a FMU130 in my motorcycle with pretty good results and several features configured.  I cannot use FMB series in my country because 2G antennas are being decommissioned.

Unfortunately the assaults on riders in my country are very common.  So, the scenario I want to add is to disable the fuel pump after a few minutes the thief go away from me with the bike.

My idea is to carry in the pocket a beacon/BLE and configure it in that way when it lost the coverage it turn on a DOUT and then stop the fuel pump.  I'm using several configuration using DOUTs and DINS, but I don't know what is the right beacon to do this and how to configure it.

Please can let me know and help me is someone configured some scenario like this?

Thanks in advance


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by anonymous

Thank you for your question.

Have you thought about immobilizer scenario? In this feature you could use beacon for authentication and DOUT control of the relay. To configure it, select beacon detectin as configured, you should enter a beaon/eddystone ID (I would reccomend full) or several if you are using beacon simulator. I would recommend to watch our presentation about the feature:

Second thought that could be a solution for you is to implement SECO:

Please review the features, if you will have any questions let me know.

Kinds regards.
by anonymous
Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your repply.

Unfortunatelly, SECO scenario isn't available in FMU series, it is just in FMB.

On the other hands, I'm using SLIM ID for authentication in order to after around 30 mts away it control a DOUT to turn off fuel pump. In theory it'll be possible to be managed through Inmovilizer scenario, but it doesn't recognize SLIM ID BLE devices.

Do yo have some recomendation why the SLIM ID is not being recognized? Is it supported for this scenarios?


by anonymous
Hello MaxRnine,

It should authenticate SLIM ID BLE device, have you configured the beacon correctly in Beacon list?

Try to increase BT power level so that ID would be in range of Bluetooth network.