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How to connect a pannic button in AIN with a fmb910 or fmb920

How is the wiring diagram?

2 Answers

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AIN is an analog input (0-30 V DC measure) -  intended for other solutions eg

Please see the diagram

FMB920 has one DIN1 input

It is not possible to use it for Ignition and Panic Button on DIN 1 input at the same time

So if you change your ignition source to something like Power Voltage or Accelerometer

Then You can use DIN 1 for Panic Button

Then you will keep both functions

Best regards
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Water-proof, the device can be worn even when the person is taking a bath. The button works on the basis of a platform called Cuckoo Server, which converts sound waves into a voicemail. The moment a person presses the panic button, a pre-recorded voicemail about him/her is sent as three messages — to the 108 ambulance, a neighbour and an immediate relative.