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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I have five FMB001 units, they are installed in the same location close to the windshield window in the same truck model.  The trucks work in the same area and at the same time. One FMB001 unit has reliable GPS positions, for the other four FMB001 units, their GPS positions jump all over the place. The 5 units have the same configuration. I asked for support from the local dealer, and the local support reviewed the units and updated the firmware; however, I still have the same problem. I don't know if FMB001 units are not reliable or something else. I need advice for people who has more experience using the FMB001. I want to know if the FMB001 is worth it.

Not reliable GPS tracker

reliable GPS tracker

Both units worked in the same area at the same time. You can see the FMB001 on red is no reliable on GPS positions

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by anonymous



FMB001 is a very reliable device. Just like our other products.


Here we need to analyze your issue further.

However, we only support Clients who purchase directly from us.

Therefore, you need to contact your local dealer again.


And he needs to get in touch with us to assess your situation. He can do this in several ways as stated below:


He can contact his sales manager.


If he doesn't have any connection with our sales managers yet, he can also contact us via our official website:

- Go to,

- click the "CONTACT US" button at the bottom right of the page,

- fill the online form

- and submit it.

Please select "Telematics" as the topic.


Alternatively, he can send an e-mail with a detailed description of your situation to


When contacting us, he needs to follow these recommendations:


Best Regards,

by anonymous
Hello Support

I contacted the local dealer for support 3 weeks ago. They tried to fix the problem without success. This is why I decided to ask for help in the forum.

The local support told me they are going to escalate the problem; however, I don't have visibility of what is going with the issue.

So, I feel in limbo. If the local dealer delays taking any action what is my alternative? I bought the FMB001 units 1.5 months ago and they have never performed well.

by anonymous
It is an unbelieve, I still have the issue. the support process is so slow. Who can help to fix this problem?