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We currently work with Volvo and Ljungby wheel loaders. However none of them have program no for ALLCAN300 in supported vehicle list.

We do know that all the vehicles support J1939 standard and we can get data like fuel consumption and engine work hours with other CAN-adapter that supports J1939.

Do we need a program no to use ALLCAN300? Or can we use some general program no for J1939 standard?

The problem is that we can not wait for program numbers to be added to ALLCAN300 supported vehicle list.

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May we know what device are you going to use for this project? If you are using FMX1XY devices you can connect ALLCAN300 to it.

But if you don't have the program number you can used the FMB140 device and use its feature autoscan and make sure that you are able to find the CAN Lines for the vehicle.

Here are the instructions : FMB140 autoscan feature instructions - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

after scanning all the compatible program number test it one by one or better if you take all that program number and used it for your device, you can use FMB140 as a testing devicce

If you are using FMX640 device and the vehicle supports FMS no need for ALL CAN 300 adapter, you can directly connect it.