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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I would like to enable the unplug option on fmb120 with battery, so when I unplug the device I would like to get a notification but my question is about the battery when I will get notification when I unplug the device immediately or when the internal battery is dead?

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hello Egzondibra,

Good day. Thank you for your question.

The unplug detection on our devices works in such a way that when the external voltage is removed or plugged back in, an event will be generated. But in order for the device to send the data to the predefined number, the internal battery must be connected so the device can work in the absence of external power. To receive the event immediately, you may either select High Priority or Panic Priority (sends SMS in the event of GPRS failure) under the scenario settings.

For more information on Unplug Detection, please refer here -

Kind regards.
by anonymous

one more question

I enabled the high priority, but my question is the fmb 120 on stop mode sends updates every 1 hour, my question is if I unplug the device with a battery or without when I will get a notification?