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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
My customer has a food warehouse and need to monitor its temperature and humidity.

the dimension of the warehouse is W=20 meter , L=20 meter, H= 8 meter.

I have suggested to use the ELA Blue Puck RHT sensors with teltonika FMB122 device.

I have searched about ELA Blue puck RHT and didn't  find any information about the area that the sensor can cover to sense the temperature and humidity.

How can I know the needed number of Blue Puck RHT sensors to monitor the warehouse for the area mentioned above.
by anonymous
Thanks a lot , it's a very helpful answer.

Best Regards,

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by anonymous


Thank you for your question.

Did you know that Teltonika launched its own EYE sensors and Beacons?
By manufacturing our own EYE sensors, we can respond more quickly to customer requests by updating the firmware and introducing additional features.

Here you can find more information about our devices -

As for the area that the sensor can cover, EYE Sensors can cover up to 80m

Hope this help you.

Best regards.

by anonymous

We have bought the ELA Blue Puck RHT from teltonika, So, how teltonika sell that sensors and don't provide support to them.

I prefer teltonika sensors and I will use them in the future, but I already have the blue puck RHT and need to use them.

Can you please provide me the information that I need.
by anonymous


You can find the information in this datasheet

It says that in open field the range of ELA Blue Puck RHT is 500 meters, but keep in mind that for indoor using (such as warehouses or parking lots), it is necessary to check on the spot, as the radius of the sensor can be significantly reduced due to various obstacles.

Note that via Device Manager Mobile you can configure ELA Sensor transmitting power.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

by anonymous


Thanks for your useful information, but I don't mean the transmission range which is 500 meters, I mean what is the area of place that can the ELA Blue Puck RHT senses the temperature and humidity on it?

Can I use one ELA Blue Puck RHT to monitor the  temperature and humidity of warehouse has area 20meters x 20meters(400 meter square).

How do I determine the sufficient number of ELA Blue Puck RHT sensors to monitor a given area?

Best Regards,

by anonymous
Thank you for clarifying the case.

It all depends on the warehouse, if it is an open space, the temperature and humidity may be the same throughout the place and one sensor may be enough, but if there is a partition, the temperature and humidity may be different.

We recommend using 4 sensors (as this is the maximum number of configurable sensors with our FM devices) and installing them further away from the entrances/exits or heating/cooling equipment. This will allow you to measure the temperature and humidity levels more accurately.

Hope this helps

Best regards.