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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I just received an FMC130 and I'm trying to set it up. Ideally I'd like to have periodical reports every, say, 10 seconds when moving, every 5 minutes when stopped and every few hours after entering sleep mode. But I'm already struggling with setting up sleep mode.

It seems that sleep mode only works if the Open Link Timeout has been reached and no reports have been generated in the meantime. That seems to leave me with only two options:
A: Have a Link Timeout shorter than Min Period. -> This would mean that every report will open a new connection, with the associated overhead and connection fees.
B: Have a Link Timeout longer than Min Period. -> The sleep mode timeout is ignored completely and the device never sleeps.

As a workaround I thought then I could at least use a Send Period longer than the Link Timeout to collect reports and send them in a batch but that doesn't work either because Send Period is also ignored until the Open Link Timeout is reached.

How is this sleep feature supposed to work?

(By the way, why is this Open Link Timeout controlling other features in the first place? It makes absolutely no sense to me why the Open Link Timeout should have any influence on Sleep Mode or Send Period.)

by anonymous

So currently I'm using a rather unsatisfying workaround:

When moving:
Min Period: 10
Send Period: 10 (it's ignored anyway)

When stopped:
Min Period: 300
Send Period: 3600

Sleep Timeout: 1
Open Link Timeout: 30 (this must be between Min Period Moving and Min Period Stopped!)

So when moving I get a 10 second interval with no reconnect and when stopped I get a 1 hour interval with 5 minutes data granularity with 1 reconnect every hour.

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by anonymous

Hello AndreKR,

Good day. Thank you for your question.

Kindly go through this link - on the Sleep modes and conditions into entering the sleep mode. 

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you need clarification.

Kind regards.

by anonymous

I have read that page many times. The only thing that might be related to my question is the "Data socket(s) are closed" condition for Deep Sleep Mode. I think that makes Deep Sleep essentially useless for the reasons I gave in my question, so I'd like to know how to change that or work around it.