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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
We currently have this configuration regarding our GPS Devices:

On Stop-->

Min Period: 600

Min Saved: 1

Send Period: 120

On Moving-->

Min Period: 120

Min Distance: 300

Angle: 10

Send Period: 1

What we are facing is that when vehicle is at STOP, the input of Fuel Level takes 10 minutes for it to report.

If for example we have a theft during this period we won't see that in real time.

We are currently configured the Fuel Level IO as Monitoring to Low Level.

Is there any configuration that we can provide that in any changes of this level for 2 liters for example, to trigger an event ?

I was thinking about Delta Change, but I'm not sure how to configure it.

Can you help?

Thank you!

1 Answer

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by anonymous

When I/O priority is set to Low, I/O element value would be append to the record generated according to schedule in Data Acquisition settings.

To have record generated and sent immidiately when specified condition is met, you schould use High or Panic priority and specified operand with low and high values configured. In that case operand on Delta change would be adequate.

More about priorites and operands on Teltonka Wiki:

by anonymous
Hello dear

Thank you for the info.

Regarding Delta Change, can you help me out on configuring ?

I have set the triggering to High, but regarding Low and High Value I don't understand what inputs should I put.

Thank you
by anonymous
Please check link I have provided to you.

For on Delta change operand only high level is needed.

Record is generated when input value changes and the absolute change becomes equal to or higher than the limit value:
by anonymous
Ok got it. I will provise one example just to make sure I got it right.

We use digital sensors, with 12 bit which means that:

0 = empty

4095 = full

Lets take a tank of 500 liters.

Basically 5 liters = 41 sensor value.

So if I input 41 as high value, it will mean that if this LLS value rises or drops with 41, it will generate an event ?

Right ?

Thanks again!
by anonymous

Operand: On delta change, high value: 41

Event will be generated if current value will be lower or higher than 41.