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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

Hi, I have a problem connecting DS18b20 with FMB 120. Value is 0 in 1 Wire data in the configurator (1.7.22).

Wiring Colors of connectivity : 

  • Balck(FMB120) with Black (DS18b20)
  • Blue (FMB120) with Red (DS18b20)
  • Green (FMB120) with Yellow (DS18b20)

Looking forward to the solution. For any query please feel free to contact.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The connection is correct

The window that you are showing concerns the determination of the source in which it will be possible to read a specific temperature sensor for 1- Wire - e.g in the case of using several temperature sensors

With connection 1 sensor 1- Wire , by default, the temperature will be shown in the I / O - Dallas Temperature 1 section


Status I / O info Dallas Temperature 1

And will be send on your server as AVLID 72

72 Dallas Temperature 1

Please verify it

Best regards 

by anonymous
Hi Thanks for the response.

I am using only 1 DS18b20 with the mentioned wiring connection.

But I am unable to get the readings of temperature which is always shows 0 on configurator and in avl too.
by anonymous

Please verify the connection again from the PIN level

PIN 10- 1WIRE POWER - on power supply DS18b20- red (voltage 4-5 vdc)

PIN 11-1WIRE DATA- on signal DS18b20- yellow

PIN 7 GND (-) - on ground wire DS18b20 - black

Next please connect the device to the configurator and provide  the screenshots for the section

Status => I / O info

Where we can see Dallas Temperature info

Best regards
by anonymous


Thanks for your response. I have assembled the physical wiring as mentioned on the

After that please see the screenshot of the configurator

by anonymous



It looks like your sensor DS18b20 is broken

Please check another one

Best regards