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The documentation about setting the Dout control via ignition, available to your wiki, doesn't match with the latest version of the configurator 1.7.22_B.3.27_R.21

In configurator the first item  Dout control via ignition scenario is not on the window and the Dout 3 is not displayed

I tried this setting

- Dout control : Dout3

- Dout Deactivation via Din : Din1

But Dout 3 is not modified : always 0 what ever the level of the Din 1

Please to explain the setting to activate Dout when ignition is shut down (or below the voltage set in section : System settings/Ignition source/Low voltage)


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Please read description

This feature allows direct control of DOUT by configured ignition source status. When enabled, the function will start to monitor ignition status, and once the ignition changes state from On to Off after configured Ignition Off a timeout, selected DOUT (Digital Output) will be turned On.

Turning DOUT Off is possible with enough voltage applied to the configured DIN (Digital Input). Voltage requirements: DIN1 – 7.5V, DIN2-4 – 2.5V.

Could you provide info how set your Ignition Source?

DIN 1?

or Power Voltage?

Thank you.

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I tried  both Din1 and Power voltage setting of Ignition source

When I look the status of the Input/Output window (I/O) the statut of the Dout 3 changes from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0 depending on the setting

The issues is that there is no change physically on  pin 2 of the connector, the level is allway 0.00 V.  For my tests the pin 2 is connected to ground with a resistor of 270 kohms

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Thank you for information

It seems that it works correctly beacouse

Digital output, channel 3 it is  Open collector output.

So if

DOUT = 1  => Ground

DOUT=  0  => Nothing ( open)

I hope it's clear for you now.

Best regards