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Does FMB003 scan the can program number or need to be manually inserted in the configurator?

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FMB003 doesn't use program number. Device reads vehicles VIN number and sends it to the Fota server. VIN number is parsed by Fota and checked if vehicle is supported. If vehicle is supported, fota sends proper obd configuration to device. To have this functionality working, FMB003 must see vehicles VIN, you can check if VIN is avaible with obdinfo SMS/GPRS command (vehicle ignition must be turned on). If VIN is not avaible it must be eneted manualy in the configuration (OBD II -> ODB VIN Settings -> VIN Source: Manual -> enter VIN number)

Once this is done, the device will send VIN to FOTA WEB to receive an OBD configuration even if the vehicle does not provide it and OEM OBD parameters schould be avaible.