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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hello partners.
I want to prevent the FMT100 and other equipment from generating a "stopped" position when I stop at a traffic light or stop for less than 3 minutes, for example. I have conjugated several parameters (eg id 10053 Min Speed delta.) And I do not get this behavior. Is it possible to prevent it from generating that position? Is it only possible with code on the platform?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


 you can check your configuration if the movement source is accelerometer or the ignition this setting determines if the vehicle is on stop mode or in moving mode.

kindly change the movement source to ignition, so when the ignition is on it means it is on moving mode even you stop for a traffic.



by anonymous
Thank you, your response is impeccable.

Actually, the mode that I have configured is accelerometer, since it is a fmt100 that does not have "on".

I would like to be able to determine that although the vehicle stops, it must wait 3 minutes, at least to generate that position. I am not interested in seeing on a route that is stopped at a traffic light, or intersection.

Where can this waiting time be determined so that it does not generate that "stopped" position?

by anonymous

You are most likely referring to Accelerometer Delay settings.

Movement Stop Delay (s) setting defines how long device has to be stopped for Movement source to change back to zero (1->0).

This setting is located in System window in configurator.

You can also change value of Movement Stop Delay by sending this SMS command:

<login> <pass> 19002:<delay in seconds>

This setting will delay switch from Moving mode to Stopped, once no motion is detected via accelerometer.

Best Regards