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What possible options are there to monitor  Toyota landcruiser's fuel level with FMB120
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Teltonika FMB120 is an advanced GLONASS/GPS tracker with internal GNSS antenna, dual-SIM, Bluetooth, multiple vehicles CAN support, crash detection, idling detection, voice calls, internal battery, and a lot more.


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Good Day Zelalem,

For reading the Fuel Level Value of Toyota Landcruiser you will at least need a LV-CAN200 Device.

1. Two wires of LV-CAN are connected with the FMB120 Device

(Input 5 with Input 5 / Input 6 with Input 6).

2. Two wires of LV-CAN are connected to the CAN Bus of the Vehice

(CAN1High and CAN1Low)

Eventually you need to connect two more wires for CAN2 Line, but as far as I know
one CAN Line is enough for reading Fuel Level at a Landcruiser.

The CAN Bus should be found near your steering wheel.

It is possible to use the ECAN01 Adapter additionaly if you don´t want to slit slighty
the CAN wires of your car for wired connection.
(risk of damaging elecrtronic main cpu).

I used them a lot to prevent damages and it works very well.

LV-CAN200 and ECAN both need further +12V and Ground(Mass) of course.

Here are the Links for both devices for more information how to connect and configure all:

Easy steps to install and configure your FMB120 with LV-CAN:



Hope I could help.


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I just saw you asked a similar question on 28th January:

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