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I downloaded the config of a FMC001 via Fota-Web and tried to open it with the configurator. I got an error "Failed to load selected configuration file, because 06.01.15 version ist not suppported".

I used the configurator v1.5.6.18567 and i tried it with other. No way to get it working.

Kind regards

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Hello gg, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

May I know if you have tried to open the configuration file as below:

Open Configurator > select Create new Configuration > select Device Model > select the First Configuration tab > click on Load from File > open the Configuration file > Open.

If you are using the configurator that isn't used to create the configuration file, you will still be able to open it but there will be a pop-up box indicating that there are missing parameters/not loaded instead. However, you will still be able to open the file.

You will find the Configurator here -

Please try this and let me know if it helps.

Kind regards.

Best answer
Followed your instructions for the configurator and it's working.
Your answer works, but is not intuitive at all, why is the open configuration file for then? Hope in the future the open conifguration file can work for this, this way people that are learning how to use the configurator wont have to come and read this forum to work this around