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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi, I just ran a test of FMB920 standard GSM SIM card and a LTE CAT M1 card in FMM125. 500km in the same vehicle, both standard factory configuration without optimization except for a duplicate server activated. The FMB920 used 3.86 MB, the FMM125 with LTE used 1.88 MB. Is that in line and LTE uses about half the MB of a standard GSM? Switching off the duplicate server would reduce consumption again to half of the below numbers approximately.  Thanks.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

FMB920 and FMM125 are different devices and have different default configuration. To check why data usage is bigger in FMB920 please compare both devices config and records that have been acquired on your server. Is number of records and data they contain the same ?

Also please note that firmware used by those devices is different.
by anonymous
Thanks, 'Data Acquisition" is exactly the same, "System" is the same, no I/O activated, number of records about the same, GNS packets about the same, GPRS traffic: FMB125 actually shows more. Must have to do with the firmware perhaps. Still the SIM provider's site shows much more MB for the FMB920 than the FMM125. Maybe the way they count them.