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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
We are testing the FMB003 and are now succesfully receiving data records on our Flespi (what other alternatives are people using?) Telematics Hub. We are however a bit confused why certain data columns are missing. Maybe we misunderstood some of the Priority/Operands settings?

We would like each record to include the following:

Timestamp, IMEI, VIN, Movement Status, Engine Ignition Status, Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Total Mileage/Odometer, Fuel Level

How do we configure the Teltonika Configurator?

btw, are things like "car locked status" and "windows closed status" available too?

2 Answers

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by anonymous


In order to monitor the mentioned parameters, setting their priority to low should be enough (with everything else in their default states). I am suspecting, that perhaps you have left the protocol selected to "Codec 8" (should be "Codec 8 Extended" in this case). Due to this elements that have AVL ID's with higher value than 255 do not get sent to server.

It can be changed in system tab:

Don't forget to press save configuration to apply the made changes.

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by anonymous

Timestamp is included in every record that is sent by device. When TCP protocol is used, IMEI is sent every time when module is opening connection with the server. When UDP protocol is used IMEI is included in every record. GPS coordinates with speed are also included in every record

Please check our Wiki page about codecs description for more details:

Elements: Movement Status, Engine Ignition Status, Total Mileage, Odometer, Fuel Level (if avaible) schould be enabled in device configuration, by setting their priorities to Low, High or Panic.

by anonymous

Well, timestamp, IMEI, coordinates and speed are indeed no problem.

Yep, I did check out the documentation. What we are struggling with is getting the other elements sent. We did set the respective items to Low and Monitoring in the Teltonika Configurator.

The wiki you linked is way too technical and complex for me tbh. We just want a easy way for the FMB003 to sent Timestamp, IMEI, VIN, Movement Status, Engine Ignition Status, Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Total Mileage/Odometer, Fuel Level.

Any advice on how to do this?