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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
I want to analyze stored data in offline mode for debug purpose. Using Teltonika.Configurator_1.6.4_B.3.25_R.5.exe, i was able to download offline records by "read records" button.

It gives me bin file. but it is not directly readable in text format.

then i tried teltonika data parser, but it needs Hex chars i think, i tried to convert data to hex using online converters but to no avail.

What is procedure to read/ decode it?

Image of Read records from configurator:

Image of inside Bin file:

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please use Hex editor, like for example HxD

Best answer
by anonymous

Thank you for quick reply,

I tried it(  and it successfully converts it to hex file.

Now i am copying it to "teltonika data parser" software provided to me by my vender & it gives me "Corrupted data inserted error" see below image:

If i remove IMEI number then it decodes 1st frame only instead of all data parsing. see below image:

what should i need to do to parse all data with teltonika data parser?

by anonymous

Teltonika Data Parser is used to parse records sent to server using protocol TCP or UDP.

Records received with read records function are not saved in accordance with TCP or UDP, they begin with IMEI length (000F) and IMEI (next 15 bytes), then you have timestamp (8 bytes), priority (1byte), gps element, IO elements. So it is 000F + IMEI + AVL Data. AVL Data is a part of AVL Data Packet as described here:

Try to remove 000F and IMEI part and put at the beginning:

00000000 - preample

4 bytes - data field length, if you put higher value then real value it may work with parser (for example 00FF)

1 byte - codec id, if you use codec 8: 08, codec 8 extended: 8E

1 byte - Number of data 1 - a number which defines how many records is in the packet.

then your records

1 byte - number of data 2 - must be the same as “Number of Data 1

4 bytes - CRC16 check - for parser could be any because it only parses data, CRC is checked on the server

Please let me know if it work

by anonymous
Thank you very much!

After some reading & tweaking around it worked..

your example & website description helped a lot.

Thank you again for such in-depth answer.