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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
iButton type: DS1990R#F5

FMB122 FW: 03.25.15 Rev: 32 Configuration:

When reading the serial number of the iButton it returns a somewhat correct serial number ( it goes from right to left, but in pairs of two). I checked it out with the status->maitenance->log in the configurator, which says this:

[2021.03.19 13:36:46]-[1 WIRE] -> In Configurator Enter This: iButton: 0x0C00001BABC5C202         <-- This is serial number listed on the ibutton.

IO ID[ 78]: 0x02C2C5AB1B00000C <-- this is the "iButton ID" registered as the "correct" value

I have tried adding the correct & incorrect ID to the 1-Wire iButton list, but that doesn't change the result.

How do i get the correct serial number in the iButton ID IO ?

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by anonymous

Hello Emieljaspers,

Good day. Thank you for your question.

The value for I/O 78 is always reversed from the value on the iButton.

[2021.03.19 13:36:46]-[1 WIRE] -> In Configurator Enter This: iButton: 0x0C00001BABC5C202         : This value is the correct one

IO ID[ 78]: 0x02C2C5AB1B00000C : This value is the reversed of the correct value.

Actually, the value you are receiving above from the terminal logs is correct for both.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.

Kind regards.

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