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Hi Teltonika,

My question: is there a complete list of devices that can read, but especially save the OBDII parameters. Such as Throttle position, Engine RPMS etc. like the data of the I/O? Because I can save the data of the activated parameters from I/O but not the parameters of the OBDII. I searched for some answers in crowd-support form, on this page: , there was an answer that only the OBD trackers the FMB001 or the FM3001 can read OBD data. This was an answer from 2019, I think this is an outdated answer.

I'm using an FMC001 for my vehicle, if I set the settings in the configurator --> OBDII one of the parameters to low priority, normally I'm collecting the data of that specific parameter, right? There could be 2 things, or my car doesn't allow OBD reading with this device, or the FMC001 can't read/save the OBDII data. I hope it is the first thing. Can you please help me out.

So two questions.

1. Is there a list which devices (including obd trackers) can read/save OBDII data?

2. Can the FMC001 read/save OBDII data?

Kind regards,

Mel de Jong

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Below you will find answers to your questions

1. Is there a list of which devices (including OBDII locators) can read / write OBDII data?

There isn't  the list. The best solution is to connect the device to the OBD II connector and verify the available parameters via the configurator => OBDII section

Or remotely as instructed below

2. Can the FMC001 read / write OBDII data?


Supports the following CAN protocols

See point 1

Best regards