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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
I have the fmb640 connected to the tachograph. The reply of the sms "tachocheck" is 100, CDD0,1. The tachograph is then connected. What's the problem? Maybe because I don't insert the driver's card? Is it mandatory to insert it to download the "DDD" files? The webtacho Log after making the connection positively with the company card replies with "Error".

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello Armandocapuano, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

Company card is registered to download the DDD files. Kindly refer here for more information -

Firstly, FMB640 detects the Ignition, before connecting to Web tacho server to check if there are any schedules due to for download. If there are, then the company card that has a particular tachograph registered has to pass the authorization on our platform. If that company card is authorized to be used with a particular tachograph and there is a schedule that is due, download will start.

Please let me know if this helps.

Kind regards.

Yes, everything is clear, the problem is that when the fmb640 connects to the site I see the sequence in the log (webtacho):

- connected

- connection to the company card

- linked to the company card

Then he repeats the last 2 steps 7 times and then replies with "Error"

The company card as divvo is checked in the reader.

The return sms from "tachocheck" is "100,00C2,1"

Can you help me?