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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi, I'm new on here & to the FMT100 but have experience with other trackers & after a bit of advice. The device will be fitted to vehicles, my ideal scenario would be update whilst moving every 30 seconds & go to deep sleep once stationary for 2 minutes. Once in deep sleep "handshaking" with the server every 6 hours confirming it is functioning. My question(s) are, even though I have set the device to update every 30 seconds it seems to update at random at least 5 times a minutes? I can get it to go to deep sleep after setting the min period on stop to 3600 but the led's still blink, should they not be off? Any suggestions as to how to configure to get this. Thanks in adavnce.

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by anonymous


If you are receiving more records then it is scheduled, device may generate high priority and eventual records or it sends records that are saved in memory (when there is no GPRS connection with server device keeps generated records in memory and sends them after connection is renewed).

To check if received record is an eventual record you schould look at Event IO ID:

To check how many records is in device's memory, please send getinfo command and look at REC in device response:

In deep sleep mode Navigation LED schould be off and Status LED schould be blinking every two seconds.