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I have been testing a FMC125 paired with a RFID Reader over RS232 port - Rx/Tx connection over TCP Binary, Baud rate and all relevant details set.

I have one major issue that I am not able to solve.
When the connection is stable, the device send the swipe data instantly, but whenever we swipe when the device closes a connection and attempts for a new connection, the device misses this data completely. This is very annoying because the data is very critical for us. Does the serial data get stored in memory like other packets or is it only real time? From my testing, I find it sends data only in real time.

Is there any way to solve this?

Your help is highly appreciated.

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I don't have FMC125 configurator, If you have dedicated RFID modes in RS232,You can use that one instead of TCP Binary.

If you use the TCP binary buffered mode, the data will store in the device and send to the server in next AVL record.

Another option you can try is, set open link timeout (in GPRS settings) to a maximum value, so the device will not close the GPRS connection with the server.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Naveen,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. We were successfully able to set our RS232 to "RFID HID" and got the desired output in Codec8 itself.

Your support is highly appreciated. smiley