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Is it possiblle to use other carracters for the sms "space""space"?  My SMS Provider removes the 2 first spaces  <name>{space}<pass>{space}setkey{space}{space}{space}<newkeyword>

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Hello Tjeerd, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

You can replace the 2 spaces with login and password

For example, if you would like to send the command "cpureset", then the structure will be as follows:

If you have set SMS login and password: "login pass cpureset"

All SMS commands you can find on our Teltonika Wiki page:

You can set the login and password in the configurator. Please refer here on how to set the credentials

Kindly go through this and let me know if it helps.

Best regards.



Thanks for the fast reply

If fails because i want to  setup the devices with an sms command without the need to connect with the configurator. (Bulk setup).

    setparam 3003:login;3004:pass;11500:2;11400:3;800:0;801:;802:9481;50002:1;50170:1  (AND A LOT MORE)

If i set the user/pass with the configurator it works. And i can use SMS. With user pass setparam .....

Is there maybe some escape character i can replace with <space><space>

If i can set the user/pass with some command without spaces is front. It would be great.

Greetings Tjeerd


Hello Tjeerd, 

Good day. Thank you for your reply.

Currently, there are no characters to replace the spaces. Therefore, if you are facing any difficulty in sending the commands then I will suggest that you save the changes into a configuration file and upload it to FOTA WEB, before assigning it to a particular device. Also, take note that the SMS command is limited to 160 characters.

Please try this out and let me know if it helps.

Kind regards.

i get this problem with my iphone messaging removing upfront spaces.  My android does not do that.