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I want to use OBDII power Cable for FMB140 tracker because :

  • Faster and easier installation
  • Professional installation
  • Minimize risk of faulty installations

Can I use an OBDII power Cable for FMB140 tracker?

If so, can you tell me which cable to buy ?

Is CANbus data reading available using OBDII harness ?

Thanks !!!

1 Answer

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ago by

Yes, you can use OBDII power cable for FMB140.

You need a Micro-USB cable 16 PID VCC+.

If you use OBDII power cable for reading data from OBDII it doesn't work like this.

CAN bus data only can be reading from OBDII cables then we don't have a vehicle on our support list then you can connect to OBDII harness and do an Autoscan procedure for the best program number to find (

Also, you can use an E-CAN solution ( ) for easy installation and read CAN bus data.

Best regrads.