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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Dear Support team,

could you please provide us configurator files of FMB001 for Toyota Yaris FWD 11/2003 (1.4L D4D diesel engine 56kW + manual 5-speed transmission) and Audi A6 Avant FWD (2.7L V6 140kW Tiptronic automatic 6-speed transmission) in order to FMB001 can read their CAN BUS data (fuel level, etc)? We need it for our clients.

Thank you so much.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Newest Teltonika configurator can be downloaded from Teltonika Wiki page:

Drivers for USB cable "FMB PC Drivers" can be downloaded from Teltonika page:

To receive fuel level, engine RPM, ect. is enough to go to OBD II tab in configurator and select at least Low priority and selected parameters will be sent to server with records.

Example in this picture:

Best regards.

by anonymous
Thank you so much and sorry for the late response.

Yes, we set all like you wrote on the configurator and saved settings to the device, but we couldn´t find fuel level - io_48 (Property ID in AVL packet) for the both cars on the server messages (there were many others /we selected almost all OBD possibilieties/ parameters, but not the fuel level - io_48). Is it please possible that both cars doesn´t support fuel level via OBD?

Thank you for all your replies.