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I've got a question. Our GPS-software provider is changing his server ip adress, this is why we need tot update our GPS-Trackers(FMB001)-gps ip adress.

I know that this is possible via SMS, but we never set any username/password in the trackers. So the manual says we need to use 2 blanc spaces infornt of the SMS-command.

If we do this to SIM-provider1 everything works fine, but provider 2 doesn't work. We have contacted the provider, and they do not allow blanc spaces and deletes it infront of the characters.

Is there any default username/password we can use instead of the blanc spaces? Or is there another way to do this? Otherwise I have to call all the vehicles back to HQ?

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Unfortunately not - the default is 2 spaces

You can enter any 2 characters in the configuration and send them with the setparam command.


<login><space><password><space><command>, for example: "asd 123 getgps"

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Hello, FMB001 does not have Dual SIM, so there is only one SIM provider.

To change your server domain use setparam sms command:

For example to change server IP to 111.222.333.44 send: "  setparam 2004:111.222.333.44"

port number parameter: 2005, protocol: 2006

List of parameters and their values avaible on Wiki: