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For some vehicles I have the value 1 and for others I have the value 6.

1) What is the difference between 1 and 6 ?

2) The device gives a false alarm, the vehicle has not had an accident. It's not normal ?

The device has the default crash detecion configuration (trace disabled)

1 – crash

2 – limited crash trace (device not calibrated)
3 - limited crash trace (device is calibrated)
4 - full crash trace (device not calibrated)
5 - full crash trace (device is calibrated)
6 - crash detected (device not calibrated)

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Device may have accelerometer not calibrated or it is not mounted tightly to vehicle frame and it is moving in the vehicle while driving.

What is device firmware version ? Calibration procedure was improved in newer firmware versions:

Please check device calibration, manual on Wiki: