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i have the FMB 640 and the ECAN01. I want to connect the device FMB640 to one truck to get data. It is necessary to put the device LVCAN200 (or 300) as well or is the FMB640 working like FMB140 (without LVCAN adapters).

If its necessary to connect the LVCAN adapter is there another way to connect the FMB640 and the LVCAN without a USB cable? This is because I want to see the data I get from the ECU at the time of installation, but that is not possible because the USB port is already in use and the FMB640 does not have bluetooth.

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If the truck has FMS data, You can use FMB640 without CAN adapters.

For the second question, Please see the below thread.I will copy my answer here also.

Connect FMB640 to  LV CAN 200, wait for 10s (Note, that car engine must be started), disconnect LV CAN 200 from FMB640, and connect PC USB cable to FMB640 Device.

FMB640 remembers received data from LV-CAN200 and you can see all CAN data which is sent by LV CAN in the LV CAN tab highlighted as green color.

It is very important that not to disconnect FMB640 from power source during this operation, because if FMB640 is rebooted all received CAN bus data will be lost

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I also want to ask you about the USB cable and colors. All the USB cables have different colors. Will there be a problem if they are connected vice versa (both of them)?