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I'm wondering if there is a way to sync total engine hours with a non-CAN vehicle. Presumably, the Teltonika device will start tracking total engine hours from 0 and will increase with usage. I'm wondering if I can pre-load the existing engine hours, let's say 1000 hours, so that now when Teltonika tracks that parameter it will start with 1000, 1001,1002, etc...—keeping the analog engine hours and the digital engine hours in sync.
by anonymous
This would be an awesome feature.

Just base it off of ignition or digital input.

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Do You mean FMS parameter "Engine Total Hours of Operation"?

This parameter is read from FMS block of the vehicle and is sent to the server. It does not work like a counter, so You cannot send manual value.

If that is not parameter You are referring to please, specify exact parameter with corresponding ID.

Thank You.

Best Regards

Thanks for the response and yes, that was the parameter I was referring to. So I guess my "Engine Total Hours of Operation" logged from the FMC640 will always be out of sync with what is actually the total engine hours of operation since I'm capturing that in an analog way now, right?

by anonymous

I am not quite sure I understand what You mean. Have You got the FMC640 connected to an FMS block of the truck and You get out of sync data from it?
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by anonymous


For that moment Ignition On Counter feature is avaible for FMC1YX, FMU1YX, FMM1YX devices:

FMX640 devices does not have this feature because the assumption is that this parameter is read from the FMS or CAN