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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
We have several FMB 920, 120, 125 & 204 with ELA Puk T temperature sensors.  They work fine for some time, However, they sometimes show 30C, and then takes a while before it starts working again.   The ble temperature sensors are physically mounted and not being moved around in conjunction with the Teltonika. We are also having issues with our one wired probes where they just don't give any readings and disappear randomly.

We are running on firmware version:
by anonymous
How do I attach the images here? It just says maximum characters of 12000?
by anonymous

Here is a link with the screenshots of the BLE configuration:!Arceckx9YtKa8L4UfOHmBMO7JlfXZw?e=LFcB0B

I am not sure how the config would cause this erratic behaviour?  From my testing, it seems that something goes wrong with the connection between the teltonika and the BLE temp sensor.  It then shows 3000 ie 30.00  which I believe is an error code.  However the issue seems to be with how long it takes the teltonika to come back from this error, it can take days or come right by it self in an hour or so.  Also, I am not to sure, but 30C is a valid reading, how can this be an error code?

by anonymous
I have also got a serious concern regarding the BLE temperature AVL ID 25.

but the Value range is from  -400 to 12050

However, the 3 potential error codes are

but these are all perfectly normal and valid temperature values. This seems like a serious design flaw to me?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Could You provide screenshots of Your Bluetooth and Bluetooth 4.0 tab configuration?

Thank You.

Best Regards
by anonymous
This forum wont let me post an answer it says max 12000 characters, but its way less than that?
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by anonymous

So I agree with the issue that 3000 is not the best value to use to indicate an error when using the default multiplier as supplied in the configurator.  What we use is a multiplier of 0.1 which results in a temperature reading of 300.0 C which is outside of the standard range, so much better for an error code.  Hope this helps.

In terms of the loss of readings and coming back after a random period of time, we see this also, so any insight from the community / Teltonika would be great.

Thanks, Nick.
by anonymous

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