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I have a short question. Over the Bluetooth-Mode "Data Link" we are able to have a Bluetooth SPP Connection with our own device.

The Device can send messages via Bluetooth directly to the server.

But is it possible to send messages from the Server directly to the device ?

I know there are a lot of commands for example getinfo. But is there a command that allows us to forward the message to the device ?

Thank you

Best regards


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by anonymous


Please specify Your use case.

You are using Bluetooth Data link mode to establish connection between external device, FMB device and server. Via this connection You can send commands encoded in Code12 from server to external device.

So what exactly are You trying to accomplish?

Do You mean that You want to send command from server to FMB device or from server to external device that is linked via Bluetooth with FMB device?

Because it is possible, as long as messages from the server are encoded in Codec12. There is an SMS command which if encoded in Codec12 and sent from server forwards data from the device to external device.

"  #FWD DAT= 3,<0 for ASCII OR 1 for Hex>, <Data>"

You would either have to send this command via SMS, from smartphone. Or if sending from server You would have to encode it in Codec12 how to do it is explained on Our wiki I have already provided You the link.

Let me explain this part <0 for ASCII OR 1 for Hex>:

This is how Your data will be encoded either ASCII or HEX

So if You want to send data to Your device via smartphone in ASCII send this:

"  #FWD DAT= 3, 0, <data You want to send>"


"  #FWD DAT= 3, 1, <data You want to send>"

Which one to choose ASCII or HEX depends on how Your external device computes data.

If You want to send data from server to external device encode this command in Codec12.

In Short:

FMB device receives this SMS/GPRS message and then forwards <Data> part to the external device encoded either in HEX or ASCII.

If there are more questions, please ask.

Best Regards