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in Vehicle tracking by
Hello I use movement sensor to get a notification when my bike moves. I want to ask if there is way to make it more sensitive because sometimes I have to shake the bike a lot to catch the movement.

Maybe you can also propose me a special fitting of the unit or a calibration. Right now I have it horizontal placed.

Thanks in advance
by anonymous

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3 Answers

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by anonymous

Please check your Accelerometer Delay Settings (System->Accelerometer Delay Settings). Movement Start Delay is a time in seconds after which movement will change status from 0 to 1 when accelerometer detects movement.

Try to lower Start Delay parameter to have more sensitive movement detection.

Hello Thanks for you answer.. I have this value to minimum... 1sec.

Is it normal?
by anonymous

Movement Start Delay = 1sec makes your movement sensor very sensitive.

Please describe your issue in more detail. Check your device firmware version and write how you check movement.
by anonymous
Also for me in FMB140 movement is not set to 1 when I using accelerometer as source, I rode over 7km and it not work.
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by anonymous

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by anonymous

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