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Hi. I have FMB001 device, f/w 03.25.05. I'm trying to configure external voltage monitor, so it would send SMS, if voltage drops below 12 volts. I have set the following settings:

Priority - low

Low level - 12000

High level - 15000

Event only - no

Operand - on exit

Avg const - 400

But it seems the average constant setting is ignored. As soon as the voltage drops below 12V, device sends SMS immediately. I would expect it to wait 40 seconds, and if the voltage didn't change, only then send SMS.

If there is no delay, this event makes no sense, voltage on vehicle can drop for a short time when starting engine, etc.
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Please capture a log and provide it here, So We could look it up and see the reason for this behaviour.

Thank You.

Please upload it to

Best Regards
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Also I would advise updating firmware.

To receive latest firmware, please
contact your sales manager.
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and click on the "Contact Us" button. When you will click, please fill the form and submit it.
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