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i currently have a RS232 BOX connected to a FM6300 and im sending information to my server. The thing is that i need to attach GPS position and other info to that timestamp. Currently CODEC 13 only allows TIMESTAMP, is there any way i could trigger a CODEC 8/8E or 16 when i receive RS232 data?


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Codec 13 is a one-way data protocol and its structure can not be changed.

If you need to receive gps position you could use Codec 12 and send getgps command to your device

Please write if you have further questions

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Hi Thanks for the answer, i understand that codec13 is one way, but how with CODEC12 can i send RS232 data and at the same time get the GPS position in my server for that timestamp?.

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Codecs 12 and 13 are used to communicate with device over GPRS messages. Commands list that could be used for communication is avaible on Teltonika Wki page:

First device opens the GPRS session and sends AVL data to the server (refer device protocols). Once all records are sent and correct sent data array acknowledgment is received by device then GPRS commands in Hex can be sent to the device.