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Viewing this link:

In the example from Teltonika,  test text will be sent: Hello, lets test TCP link mode. In Codec.12 format it looks: 00000000000000260C01050000001e48656c6c6f2c206c657473207465737420544350206c696e6b206d6f64650100001aef

If I send from the Hercules software running on a PC that message as HEX through the RS485 port of the FM6300 configured as COM TCPLINK MODE, no ASCII characters appear on the server receiving the message.

In the server appears


There are no ASCII characters there

And if I send this only ASCII text: HELLO   HOLA

On the server appears the following: 00000000000000170C01060000000FBED59D9D85FDFBFB7B859DF595EBFF010000C296
With codec 12 decoding, we get: BED59D9D85FDFBFB7B859DF595EBFF which is not ASCII.

Please explain what encoding the FM6300 applies and how it must be decoded to obtain the ASCII characters sent.

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Are You sure that server decodes Codec12 message correctly? Because from the looks of it Your server does not decode this HEX message as Our protocols describe. This part of "Hello, lets test TCP link mode" 48656c6c6f2c206c657473207465737420544350206c696e6b206d6f6465 has to be decoded from HEX to ASCII on the server side.

You could try looking at the examples of Codec12 messages here:

To get better idea of how decoding of Our protocols work.

If there are more questions please ask.

Best Regards