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Hello from Indonesia,

Currently i have a system in specialized vehicle that use MODBUS communication, and i want to use FMB640 as vehicle tracker and to send the data from my system to the server. I have difficulties in how to send the data to FMB640 since it has RS485 using TCP Binary/ASCII. The information in manual and wiki is not detail. What i want to ask is :

  1. What protocol does it use in the RS485 in TCP binary mode ? is it MODBUS ? how is the message packet sent ?
  2. What is CMD ID, START ID, STOP ID in the Teltonika Configurator menu ?
  3. Has anyone tried the RS485 TCP ? Please i need some guide
Thank you,

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1. It uses Codec12 protocol. It is not MODBUS. Information on protocol can be found here:

2. CMD ID - is recommended to be left at default value. START and STOP ID indicates bits which are packed into codec12, Start ID indicates beginning and Stop ID indicates the end of the packet.

3. Guide is the same as here:

TCP ASCII and TCP Binary both use Codec12 protocol it is more of a matter from the server side how it decodes information. It could be binary or ASCII.

Best Regards